As a homeowner, maintaining your property is one of the most important things you can do to preserve and even increase the equity you have in the home. Professional cleaning of the tile surfaces is a great way to ensure your home stays looking clean and the tiles stay fresh and bright as the years go by. With an annual cleaning from a tile and grout cleaning team, the floor or other tile surfaces in your home will stay looking new.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

While tile flooring is generally easier to clean and maintain than carpeting, over time dirt and stains can leave the surface looking worn and dirty before its time. Once the tiles and grout get dirty, it’s hard to return them to the sparkling clean look they once had. The end result can be that no matter how hard you clean, the room still looks dirty or dingy. Regular, professional tile and grout cleaning helps to maintain the look of the flooring while also preserving the integrity of the tile work. It also eliminates germs and stops bacteria or mold growth from taking hold and spreading.

Because grout is porous by nature, dirt and dust brought into the home on the bottom of shoes or from a pet’s feet can absorb into the grout lines running between tiles over time. Regular cleaning methods, like mopping and even scrubbing, will not extract these particles from the grout once they have gotten in. It takes extra power and special cleaners to grab these particles from the grout, pull them to the surface, trap them, and then remove them completely from the surface. Using professional grade floor cleaning tools, a professional tile and grout cleaning team can extract all the debris from every part of the floor.

over time dirt and stains can leave the surface looking worn and dirty before its time
Cleaning is just as necessary for these areas as it is for flooring

But grout cleaning is good for more than just floor surfaces in the home. You may have tile and grout on other surfaces of the home, such as:

  • Shower walls, shelves, or benches
  • Countertops in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Kitchen island worktop surface
  • Outdoor decks and walkways
  • Pool and hot tub

Cleaning is just as necessary for these areas as it is for flooring. Areas that are exposed to moisture or outdoor elements can develop mold or mildew over time, and the process of cleaning removes these unsightly areas and keeps them pristine.

Benefits of Tile and Grout Cleaning

There are many benefits to having your tiles professionally cleaned at least once a year, including:

  • Prevents the need for grout recoloring in the future. If the dirt is allowed to sit in the grout lines for many years, it can stain them, and you’ll need to have them recolored to get a fresh look.
  • Lengthens the overall life of the tile floor. The particles that work their way into the grout can eventually erode the strength of the bond, causing the tiles to loosen. Cleaning preserves the integrity of those bonds.
  • Protects against more dirt and debris accumulating in the grout lines in the future. Once the floor is clean, you can have sealant applied to protect against future dirt buildup.

Most of all, having a professional tile and grout cleaner come in saves you time and effort. You can waste money and energy trying to get your floor clean with household cleaners and brushes, but you simply won’t get the clean look you are hoping for using these methods. With a professional cleaning, in just a few hours the surface can look the way it did when it was freshly installed. If you’re a busy person with children or pets in the home, it can be well worth having a professional cleaning to remove the dirt they bring in daily.

Let Us Help You With Your Tile And Grout

What to Expect From Grout Cleaning Services

The process of having your tiles professionally cleaned begins with clearing the area to ensure that the cleaning team can access all the tile surfaces. With the surface clear, we begin applying the cleaning solution to the liquid, allowing it time to sink in and work on extracting dirt particles from the grout. Next, we use professional grade brushes to work the cleaner in even better.

This helps to ensure any dirt will come up when we begin the process of removing the cleaner from the surface. With the cleaner fully worked into every inch of the surface, we use powerful suction to remove it. All dirt, debris, and other particles will then be eliminated from the tile and grout. Once the surface is completely clean, we can then seal it to protect the grout and tile from getting dirty again.

If you’re looking for affordable tile and grout cleaning services in Charlotte, NC, contact us today to get the process started. Our team will be happy to come clean the tile and grout in your home.

The process of having your tiles professionally cleaned begins with STAT