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Don’t wait to get your floors cleaned, they need constant attention to keep their shine.

Whether your floors need a quick clean or a deep clean with all the attention it deserves, STAT floor is ready to help. Floors need to be maintained constantly to look their best. Natural stone is no exception, without upkeep floors can be damaged beyond repair, devaluing your home or requiring expensive repairs to get back to new. Avoid these problems with regularly scheduled services.

Look After Your Floors, With Our Help

Stone floors, if looked after, will repay your care by looking amazing for years, if not decades. Knowing how and when to clean stone flooring correctly will keep them in excellent condition and prevent them from getting damaged or discolored. Dusty grit and sand scouring the stone surface are eliminated with a regular cleaning schedule. We reduce the risk of stains and markings seeping into the stone and causing long-term harm.

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Our Experts Service in Charlotte, NC

At STAT Floor Cleaning, we are experts working with all types of natural stone floors in Charlotte. Each stone type has a slightly different range of troubles that requires specialized care to manage.


While limestone is quite strong against most types of damage, some acid-based substances may etch its surface. Thankfully, we can restore and repair your limestone floor to its natural beauty.


Over the years, marble tends to lose its luster and fade. Never fear! Our team of experts can make your marble look nearly as good as new and keep it looking fantastic for years to come.


Your granite floor is durable and long-lasting but not invincible. With our help, you can repair any damage to your granite floor and keep it as strong as possible.


Protect your travertine surfaces by contacting us today. We can deep-clean, fill, seal, polish, and repair these surfaces to keep them beautiful.


Most people choose onyx because of its natural elegance and beauty. And our team of professionals will help to keep these floors as handsome and attractive as possible.


A variety of contaminants may compromise the natural strength of slate. Call us immediately if you experience this problem, and we will strip away all of these contaminants to keep your slate looking as good as new.

A variety of contaminants may compromise the natural strength of slate

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Natural Stone Floor in Charlotte, NC

Like most homeowners in Charlotte, NC, you probably sweep, mop, and even polish your natural stone floors from time to time. So, why do you need professionals to clean for you? We at Stat Floor Cleaning can provide more comprehensive levels of care that will keep your floors as strong as possible. And we can give many unique benefits that go beyond traditional sweeping and mopping. These include:

  • Removing Dangerous Contaminants: We start with a deep cleaning of your floor that helps break apart dirt, oil, bacteria, various types of grime, and much more. Getting rid of these contaminants helps protect your floors from damage and minimizes the spread of dangerous growths.
  • Restores Your Floor’s Natural Beauty: Gorgeous natural stone floors are designed to last for years and provide incredible beauty. Our cleaning service will help restore their shine and make them look as close to like-new as possible. You’ll be amazed at the difference when we are done.
  • Improve Your Home’s Appearance: More attractive natural stone floors help to improve the overall appearance of your home. How? They will naturally reflect more light when clean, producing a stunning and brighter look to your home that is hard to get in any other way.
  • Reduces the Risk of Dangerous Accidents: Natural stone utilizes many slip protection techniques to minimize falls. However, dirty natural stone is slicker and may be dangerous to your family. Thankfully, our cleaning process will mitigate this risk and keep your family safe.
  • Protects Your Family From Poor Air: A home’s air quality is complex and is affected by many elements. For example, dirt and stains on your natural stone floors can attract mold and bacteria, which may go airborne. Our cleaning process eliminates these dangers for you.

Why Choose Us?

With so many natural stone floor cleaners on the market in Charlotte, NC, why should you choose us? We provide dependable and friendly service that’s individualized for each of our clients. In addition, our team understands how to maintain natural stone floors and all other floor types. In this way, we can provide you with the comprehensive floor care that you need to feel clean and safe in your home. So don’t hesitate to call or email us if your Charlotte home needs high-quality natural stone floor cleaning, sealing, or repair.

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