You can find many types of modern and comfortable floor surfaces in houses across the U.S, from carpeting to tile or even stone floors (and we can help you clean those too). But wood floors are becoming even more popular for today’s homeowners, not only because of their attractive appearance but also for their durability.

Stat Floor cleaning is an industry leader creating healthy homes in the greater Charlotte area. We provide many floor cleaning services, including wood floor cleaning. This type of cleaning combines four services to give your hardwood floors the renewed look they deserve. Natural wood and engineered wood floors may have wax and polish built up over time hiding the natural beauty of the wood. Or perhaps the finish has worn down a bit and the floors are beginning to look dirty and dull.

Just like carpet, hardwood floors require regularly scheduled maintenance/cleaning to endure years of traffic and natural wear. On your wood or engineered wood floors, we will strip off the built up of wax and polish, sanitize to remove bacteria, deep clean with powerful equipment, and apply a commercial grade polish to restore the beauty of your wood floors. On laminate and LTV floors, we will deep clean and sanitize.

Removal of wax and polish buildup

When you experience the professional hardwood floor cleaning services from Stat Floor Cleaning of Charlotte you can expect:

  • Removal of wax and polish buildup which hides the beauty of the natural wood.
  • Removal of dirt, grime and debris build-up.
  • Removal of allergens from pets and pollen, smoke and bacteria.
  • An increase in the floor’s life.
  • A superior deep-clean vs. typical mopping.
  • Protection against future damage.
  • Long lasting shine and excellence.
  • Sanitized floors to eliminate harmful bacteria and allergens.
  • The use of minimal moisture to prevent damage to the floors.

The Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

Performing a thorough inspection

  1. We have very skilled, professionally trained, wood floor cleaning specialists who will conduct a thorough inspection of your floors to identify the type of flooring which could be natural wood, engineered wood, laminate, or LTV….all of which require specific methods to avoid damage.
  2. Our professional technicians will also identify problem spots (deep scratches and discoloration).
  3. During the inspection, they will also check for the presence of any protective top coat (acrylic/epoxy).
  4. Stat Floor Cleaning has an excellent wood floor cleaning process. However, it is not designed to restore deep cosmetic damage such as deep gouges, scratches, or stains (which can be characteristic of bare wood floors). As we perform our inspection, we can let you know about any of these things so that, if you desire, you can get someone to make repairs before we do your cleaning.

Removing Polish and Acrylic Coating

If our wood cleaning technicians spot the presence of floor polish or acrylic coating on your wood floor, they will proceed to remove it using our floor polish remover which can gently remove the coating without damaging the wood floor.

Deep Cleaning

  1. After performing the inspection and removing any coatings, the next step is to sanitize. This will remove unwanted bacteria and germs giving you a much healthier living environment.
  2. Next, we use special green-certified cleaners to “deep clean” your wood floor. This process will remove dirt, debris, and any leftover contaminants on the surface or within the grain of your wood floor. This will also remove any streaks and give you a sparkling clean wood floor.
Removing Polish and Acrylic Coating

Wood Floor Polish

After the cleaning is finished, the final step would be to apply our wood floor polish (depending on your specific floor type). The wood floor polish enhances the beauty of the wood floor and brings out the uniqueness of the grain. It also has the added benefit of providing an additional layer of protection for your wood floor until the next cleaning is required.

Why Choose Stat Floor Cleaning

While there are plenty of DIY home cleaning solutions and retail products for cleaning hardwood floors, these products provide only short term results and, in many cases, actually hide the natural beauty of your wood floors. Many cleaning products can actually cause damage to your hardwood floors, and allow dirt, grime, and harmful bacteria to accumulate over time. Stat Floor Cleaning provides the best wood floor cleaning services in Charlotte that won’t harm your beautiful floors.


Uses strong soaps and detergents, some of which have harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin and eyes and give off harmful, toxic fumes.

Mopping only skims the wood surface, lacking a deep cleaning solution and cannot remove embedded dirt.

Can’t provide a deep clean and cannot penetrate wood grain.

Constant use of water can soak wood and cause significant damage to your wood floors.

A mop can absorb some dirt and contaminants but it can also spread it around the floor instead of extracting it.

Retail sanitizer products can remove surface bacteria but any germs and bacteria within the wood grain remain and flourish. These sanitizers may also harm the factory finish on your floors.

Stat Floor Cleaning

Our cleaning service uses green certified cleaner which is certified non-toxic and safe for people and pets.

We use specialized equipment with counter rotating brushes-ensuring a deep clean. Our equipment allows a deeper clean removing accumulated dirt, grime and allergens from within the wood grain.

Stat minimizes the use of water, protecting your wood from water damage.

Our powerful vacuum system sucks the dirt and contaminants along with any moisture from your floor.

We use a sanitizer that removes germs and bacteria from the surface and deep in the wood grain leaving you with a healthier home.

We use a polish that is durable enough to minimize damage to the surface and prolong the life of your wood floor.

Hardwood Floor Facts

Wood floors are an excellent investment which should be protected. To keep them looking like new only takes a little effort.

Wood floors are extremely durable. With our cleaning solutions they can last the lifetime of your home with proper care and maintenance.

Though wood floors are durable, tiny particles (dust and grime) can get stuck to the floor and can, over time, cause abrasive damage.

Tiny bacteria and allergens can get into the small crevices in the grain of the wood, which can impact your health. As recommended above, it is important to keep wood flooring cleaned on a regular basis to avoid these problems.

Wood floors are an excellent investment which should be protected
Wood floors are extremely durable

Let Us Clean Your Wood Floors

How Do You Keep Hardwood Floors Clean?

Even without utilizing our cleaning services, there are things you can do to help maintain the integrity and health of your wood floor. Here are a few tips.

Sweep or dust daily

Probably the best thing you can do for your wood floor is to sweep or dust them regularly with a gentle broom or cloth. This will help prevent some dust particles and grime from building up on the surface and can alleviate, to some extent, the accumulation of bacteria and allergies. Make sure that you use a gentle broom to minimize surface damage.


Mopping is best used to quickly rid your wood floor of a spill. As we have explained, mopping can damage your wood floors. Traditional, store-bought soaps and detergents tend to leave a sheen or film on the surface. In many cases they contain harmful chemicals. And, of course, it is crucial not to allow water to pool on your floor. Pooling water can cause the wood to warp and result in permanent damage.


An alternative to mopping is vacuuming, although care should be taken. Vacuums are heavy and also have the potential to scratch the surface of your wood floors. Be sure to use a vacuum that has a hard floor function and be cautious of vacuums that have beater bars and wheels that could cause dents.

Buff the floor with a non-abrasive material

After cleaning the dirt, buffing your wood floor can be a great way to clear remaining dirt and give your floor some extra shine. Use a microfiber cloth or a non-abrasive towel to avoid scuffs, and work in the direction of the grain.

Don’t use oils or waxes

While oils, waxes, and similar store-bought products may seem like a good idea to keep your floor looking shiny, they often result in the build-up of residue and can cause lasting damage.

Have them professionally cleaned

Last but not least, the most effective way to keep your wood floors in top condition and protect your investment is to have them professionally cleaned. This will not only deep clean them (making your home healthier) but will also restore the natural beauty and add a shine that will help prevent future build up.

As an family owned and family operated floor cleaner, our team takes great pride in bringing the highest level of quality to residents and businesses of Charlotte, NC. Our mission is to provide an unmatched, deep clean to your wood floors and the best customer service possible. We want to be your partner in keeping your home clean, fresh and healthy. You will love us….and so will your floors.