You vacuum your carpet and clean up spills, but after a while, it becomes time for a deeper cleaning. Crumbs, dust, and dirt build up deep within the carpet just beyond the vacuum’s suction range. Some of those spills and messes just won’t come all the way out, no matter how hard you scrub or what kind of solution you use. And as people walk over the carpet time and again, you might wonder about the germs they’re tracking onto the carpet. Or, if you’ve just moved into a new place with carpeting, you probably don’t like the idea of living with this buildup left behind by strangers.

Our heavy-duty floor cleaning techniques get to the deep-seated grime that regular cleaning methods can’t handle. We use specialized machines to agitate the dirt and stains, then extract it all. Best of all, our methods are eco-friendly.

Carpet Cleaning

Often times your carpets are in the most sensitive parts of your home. Your bedroom or your living room where your children play. Even if you have a weekly cleaning routine the deep set grime and filth will still be trapped.

That’s why you need to contact STAT. We specialize in deep cleaning and make sure that you are comfortable in your own home. Your home should be disease free and safe for your children to play. When you are ready for an environmentally safe cleaning, contact STAT!

but in time, it needs a deeper cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

You can vacuum and spot clean an area rug, but in time, it needs a deeper cleaning for the trapped dirt, grime, and stains that get embedded within its fibers. Using our proven steam cleaning technique we will help restore the life and luster of your rug leaving a clean and fresh finish.

Skip all the hassle of trying to clean an area rug, and let us clean it in a more effective way. We’ll use a steam cleaning technique to lift dirt and grime, leaving a clean, fresh rug behind. We can do this with any size and many different fabrics of area rugs throughout your home with our eco-friendly process.

Skip all the hassle of trying to clean an area rug

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Wood flooring can look stunning in your space, or it can end up dingy and dull from the residue, dirt buildup and wear and tear that will interfere with its shine. Wood flooring can become dismal from constant walking, scuffing from shoes and everyday activities from children and pets.

Professional cleaning can renew the flooring to bring out its natural glory. We use specialty floor cleaning machines that clean wooden floors much better than everyday cleaning methods, taking away the dirt and grime that has been building up and dulling the wood’s luster. We use an eco-friendly cleaning method that is not only highly effective but will leave your hardwood floors looking like they did when they were first installed.

Wood flooring can look stunning in your space

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpeting gets high traffic that leaves significant amounts of dirt, grime, and germs in its path. A dirty carpet can make your commercial space look and feel anything but professional. And the particularly high-traffic areas can develop heavy buildup that stands out in a bad way.

Rely on our professional steam clean service to bring your commercial carpeting back up to a high standard. We use a low-moisture cleaning technique that dries within two hours, so we’ll have your carpeting fresh and clean with minimal disruption to your business operations. We recommend you have your commercial carpet spaces professionally cleaned at least once a year to keep your space looking its best and feeling fresh.

Commercial carpeting gets high traffic that leaves significant amounts of dirt

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Because of the amount of foot traffic, as well as the stains and grime that go with it, commercial floors are difficult to keep clean. This is especially true for corridors, entrances, showrooms, and offices that deal with a large number of clients. It’s critical to clean floors in dining rooms, living rooms, and family rooms if they’re made of hardwood, tile, vinyl, or carpet.

So, if you have a business in Charlotte, North Carolina, Stat Floor Cleaning is the ideal choice for your floor cleaning needs. The advantage of being a local business is that we are easily accessible, arrive promptly, and give a comprehensive level of service for your company because our staff will not be in a hurry to depart.

Upholstery Cleaning

Like carpets, fabrics in your home collect dirt, grime, and stains as they’re part of your family’s everyday life. Potential spills, pets, laying on furniture and feet and shoes being propped up on ottoman’s all contribute heavily to collecting large amounts of dirt, allergens and a buildup of oils resulting in noticeable odors, stains and dullness of furniture.

If your upholstered furniture is looking worse for the wear, that doesn’t automatically mean you need to replace or reupholster everything. Instead, give our professional upholstery cleaning service the chance to bring it back to life. We can restore cleanliness and freshness to a variety of upholstered items in your home, including chairs, couches, stools, headboards and more.

Like carpets, fabrics in your home collect dirt, grime, and stains as they’re part of your family’s everyday life

Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

Does your home have beautiful stone flooring made of granite, terrazzo, travertine, slate, or marble? Authentic stone flooring adds a natural beauty to your home through its unique colors and patterns, yet maybe your natural flooring isn’t looking as good as you would like, or as it once was. This type of flooring can become dull and lifeless from daily use and even cleaning product buildup.

Not to worry. Our professional floor cleaning service can bring your natural stone flooring back to life, no matter the type. We use the proper equipment to provide deep cleaning in an eco-friendly way that’s safe and gentle on your natural flooring. We’ll treat your stone with care and renew its natural beauty.

Authentic stone flooring adds a natural beauty to your home

Whole House Floor Cleaning

After moving into a new home it is time to remove buildup, residue and grime from previous tenants with a whole house floor cleaning service! Cleaning all the floors within a new home will generate a space that is clean while looking its best to create an immaculate living space. This service is perfect for owners or property managers who want to get a home ready for the next set of owners or tenants, or for those who are moving in themselves.

We provide a full house cleaning, using different cleaning techniques and machines to transition from carpeting to hard floors, including wood, tile, or natural stone. We’re prepared for any flooring type your property includes. We use eco-friendly methods and high-heat steam to lift dirt and grime, get rid of bacteria, improve the look and function of the floors, and make the home smell and feel fresh and like-new.

We provide a full house cleaning, using different cleaning techniques

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Believe it or not, tile and grout can be some of the dirtiest spots in our homes and businesses, as they get filled with bacteria, dirt, mold, and grime. As you can easily see, the grout becomes discolored over time, and regular cleaning isn’t up to the job of restoring the original shade.

We offer specialty deep cleaning methods just for the dirt and bacteria of tile and grout. Our eco-friendly solutions make these areas clean, bright, and fresh in a safe way. We can also offer sealing services for porous surfaces to protect them from future buildup and germs.

tile and grout can be some of the dirtiest spots in our homes

Granite Countertop Cleaning

Granite is an excellent choice for kitchen worktops, as well as floors and bathrooms. It’s harder than marble, and its sleek sheen and wide range of hues make it a beautiful and timeless addition to any space. Granite is also heat-resistant and antibacterial, making it a great choice for kitchen countertops. Granite’s longevity ensures that you will be able to enjoy its beauty for years.

Over time, however, granite will dull and tarnish. Even if a sealant was utilized when the countertop was built, that sealant may wear thin and allow liquids to seep into the granite surface. Granite surfaces can be damaged by residue, germs, dirt, and water spots. Granite countertops require regular maintenance, cleaning, and sealing in order to preserve their shine. We provide resurfacing and maintenance services for granite countertops so that they may appear brand new!

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