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Commercial floors handle a lot of foot traffic and the stains and dirt associated with it. This is especially true for hallways, entrances, showrooms, and offices that deal with many clients. Commercial floor cleaning is important for these spaces, whether the floor in question is hardwood, tile, vinyl, or carpet.

Who Needs Commercial Floor Cleaning Services?

Commercial floor care enhances the longevity and appearance of commercial floors, making sure they give you more quality service. Stat Floor Cleaning has a trained team with the right technology and special equipment. We will do a fast, efficient job that won’t see you miss out on hours of business or put your clients at risk of slips and falls. You can benefit from our services if you’re a:

  • Healthcare Facility

  • Government Facilities

  • Medical Office

  • Retail & Shopping Centers

  • Schools & University

  • Office Buildings

Surface cleaning only gets rid of the visible dirt on the surface of your floors. To ensure that your floor is truly clean and devoid of germs, deep stains, and allergens like fine dust and pollen, you need the services of a commercial floor cleaning company.


Picking Good Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

This is a big business decision for any business, given the fact that different businesses have different cleaning needs. You probably also have a set budget to which you must adhere. The commercial floor cleaning service you pick, therefore, should have the following qualities:

  • Trustworthy

  • Competence

  • Experienced

  • Knowledgeable

Be Trustworthy

The right commercial floor cleaning services will have a solid reputation and great ratings in the local community. Other businesses won’t hesitate to recommend their services, but will vouch for them enthusiastically. They should also have insurance to protect both the cleaners and the business in case of anything. We understand the importance of keeping our crew well-trained and knowledgeable about hygiene practices that aim to keep them safe and enable them to offer the best services. A family-owned cleaning company like Stat has years worth of reputation and the attention to detail that you receive will provide the basis for a long relationship.

Be Competent

Competency in maintaining clean commercial floors is the second quality to look out for. A good commercial floor cleaning service will have a great track record, thanks to their established processes that have been proven to work time and again. They should work with a checklist to ensure each area is cleaned up well, and the team should have the skills to effectively handle severe issues including mold and stains. Another sign of competency is a cleaning crew that wears uniforms, has badges, and conducts themselves professionally while working.

Have Experience

The right company also has industry experience that guides them while they work. This includes, for instance, knowing how to work around wires and cables in a business that has many wires that should not be disturbed. It should also provide multiple services and have crews that specialize in different areas of cleaning. An experienced company will let you customize services, and add or remove details according to what your specific business space needs. They will also let you schedule the time you would like the cleaning crew to arrive because, as mentioned, your business and customers should not suffer any inconveniences during a cleaning session.

Know Their Products

Finally, the best floor cleaning company will have extensive knowledge of the effects of different cleaning products. If you’re keen on living a green lifestyle and would have it reflected in your business, you will be pleased to know that your needs can be met at Stat Floor Cleaning. This is because we use eco-friendly cleaners which are just as effective and efficient as you would have great cleaners be. You will get great results and be glad to know that we’ve made a much smaller impact on the environment.

Why Hire Commercial Floor Cleaning Services?

The decision to hire a professional floor cleaning company is an important one, especially given the current state of things. It’s clear that a properly-disinfected workplace can help curb the spread of infectious diseases, keeping not just your clients healthy, but your whole team as well.

Another reason you should hire professionals like Stat to clean your floors is because we have efficient equipment and disinfectants to clean a number of different floor types, from carpeting to tile to hardwood. This leaves your floor clean and sanitized in a short time and ensures you can continue with your business uninterrupted.

You also stand to improve the overall state of your space by hiring professionals to clean it. This enables you to leave a lasting good impression on customers who walk into a clean, stain-free environment that leaves no doubts about its cleanliness.

To make sure that only the right cleaning products are used, we first test them on a small area, and, based on the results, we use our expertise to settle on what to use. For hard flooring like vinyl, we apply a protective finish to ensure it looks professionally done. For carpeted floors, we have a number of solutions depending on the current state of your carpet and the final outcome you want.

We Are The Best Choice For Your Floor

If you have a business in Charlotte, NC, Stat Floor Cleaning is the best choice for your floor cleaning needs. The benefit of being a local company is that we are close at hand, will arrive fast, and offer a detailed level of service for your business, as our crew won’t be in a hurry to leave. You will also have quality assurance as you will have entrusted the cleanliness of your business’ flooring to a company that was founded by a registered nurse who understands first-hand the importance of having truly clean spaces from top to bottom.

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