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Stat Floor Cleaning is not your typical franchise

Stat Floor Cleaning is not your typical franchise or subcontractor for a national cleaning company. We are a family-owned, local company based in Charlotte, NC, that provides dependable, quality, commercial floor cleaning services for businesses of all sizes and categories.

Our customers in Charlotte benefit from:

  • Our absolute commitment to YOU! Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we are not happy until you are.
  • Consistent results. We take great pride in our staff of hardworking floor care professionals.
  • Green friendly products and equipment.
  • Hands-on supervision of all work.
  • Routine customer follow up.
  • On-call response to meet your sudden or unexpected needs.

Scuffed linoleum, grimy tiles, or stained carpets can leave a lasting negative impression. By ensuring that your floors reflect the cleanliness of your facility, you help those using your commercial space to feel clean and safe. Stat Floor Cleaning technicians can restore any flooring you may have in Charlotte, NC: offices, warehouses, retail spaces, or other facilities.

Extend the life of your tile, linoleum, wood, marble, or terrazzo floors and keep your clients and employees healthy, happy, and impressed with the care you take of your space. This will be a reflection of the care you take of your customers and employees.

What’s In Your Carpet? 

Don’t look too close. This is what can be hiding in your carpet and dusty floors:

  • 100k dust mites in 1 square yard of carpet.
  • 1.4 million skin flakes shed by every person every day.
  • 500 dust mites on every 1 gram of dust.

Importance of Floor Cleaning for Commercial Spaces

Have you ever entered a commercial building with a dirty and wet floor, and because of that, you were about to slip or fall? God forbid if the answer is yes, but if it is, then you’re in a better position to understand why it’s crucial to hire professional floor cleaning services for a business owner.

It’s Not Only About Floor Cleaning

First, we need to understand that floor cleaning isn’t just about cleaning the floor or a commercial space using water and soap. It requires exclusive cleaning products, skilled and hard working staff, and the right tools and equipment to assure a clean, shining, safe floor. It’s all about maintaining your floors and protecting them from damage over time.

Preserve the Asset

The first reason that floor cleaning is a must for a commercial space is that the floor is usually one of the most expensive assets of a building. It is very crucial to make sure you take very good care of your floor. The floor is costly, and it also takes a lot of time to replace it. Replacement can cause downtime which is not beneficial for business. Floor cleaning can maintain the floor and enhance its life so that you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money, while possibly having a lull in sales due to temporary shutdown, for a costly floor replacement.

Creates or Destroys the Image

The floor of a commercial space is one of the first things that visitors or customers physically see and interact with. The very first step they take in your space can create an image in their mind about your business. The visual look, cleanliness, and maintenance speaks a lot in favor of (or against) your business. It’s a make or break situation for your business that can either draw an incoming walk-in client towards your business or turn them away towards your competition.

Keeps People Safe

Keeping a floor clean ensures the safety of people. People walking on the floor remain safe from slips and falls. A clean floor doesn’t have any slippery materials, garbage, dust, or anything else that can cause someone to fall or slip. If someone falls or slips within your space due to a poorly maintained floor, they can file a lawsuit against you. If you compare the cost of cleaning and maintaining your floor by professional cleaning experts and the price you will have to pay for facing a lawsuit, the difference could be enormous. It’s far easier and cheaper to have a clean, dry, well-maintained floor so that it not only looks good, but also protects people from slipping and falling.

Stat Floor Cleaning has a skilled and experienced staff and will keep your floors clean and safe. We will make sure that you get the best services in Charlotte.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service for Your Commercial Space

As with other types of flooring, the condition of your carpeting has a significant impact on the way your commercial space is perceived. No matter how clean or updated your building or office is, people will notice (and have a negative opinion) if the carpet in your facility is dirty, stained, or  worn. Unlike homes, commercial facilities can’t use short term tactics like moving a table or sofa over the dirty spots. Since commercial places are high traffic areas, regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary to keep carpets in great condition.

Whether you’ve already made a failed attempt to effectively clean your carpets or you’re planning to clean them for the first time, you may already know that it is very difficult to be successful without enough carpet cleaning knowledge, the right skillset, and the proper equipment. Commercial carpets are large and hard to clean. At Stat Floor Cleaning we have all the necessary tools, workforce, and relevant experience to get the job done in a cost-efficient way.

Commercial carpets are large and hard to clean

Here are some of the benefits of working with Stat Floor Cleaning for your commercial carpet cleaning needs in Charlotte:

Thorough Carpet Cleaning

To effectively remove all the dust, stains, bacteria, and allergens embedded deep in your carpet’s fibers, you need specialized tools that can spotlessly restore your carpet to its original condition. A large carpet can only be thoroughly cleaned with the help of professional cleaning tools; a DIY cleaner wouldn’t be effective in this regard. It’s important for your business to benefit from the skills and tools that STAT provides.

Time-Efficient Cleaning

Time can be more valuable than money in busy offices and commercial settings. You can’t afford to have poorly equipped personnel cleaning your carpets during business hours. So instead of using inefficient DIY carpet cleaning techniques, hire Stat Floor Cleaning. We will help you save time and money.

Cost-Effective Cleaning

Some businesses choose to clean their carpets once every quarter or once every 6 months, and it’s not viable to buy an expensive machine and other carpet cleaning products for cleaning jobs like this. Stats professional service comes in handy in situations where you can’t afford to spend money on new or rental carpet cleaning equipment. On top of that, you will have to transport bulky equipment if you decide to rent the cleaning machine. And regardless of whether you will be paying an employee or an outsider, you will still be paying someone to actually run the machine and use the cleaning products on the carpets.

Removal of Stubborn Stains 

At Stat Floor Cleaning we have what it takes to remove tough stains with safe and proven cleaning solutions. Removing stubborn stains with harsh chemicals can damage the look of your carpet. Our experience helps us understand which products or cleaning methods are ideal for your job. Inexperienced cleaning staff often use excess water, wrong detergents, or improper cleaning techniques that damage the carpet. If you don’t have plans to replace your carpet soon then let us take care of your existing one.

It’s Good Business

The simple fact is that your business will benefit from a healthy working environment. Clean surroundings help boost employee morale and productivity. It will also make a lasting impression with your customers and clients.

Your business and your needs matter a great deal. We have the right tools and equipment to help you accomplish your visions and goals. At Stat Floor Cleaning, we understand that your business comes first and our services are designed in a way to fulfill your needs. We give our best to repay the trust that our clients bestow upon us. We strive to maintain high standards in commercial floor and carpet cleaning in Charlotte, NC, while offering very affordable prices at the same time. We work to build long term relationships with our clients. You can rely on us, as we want to exceed your expectations and preserve our working relationship for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will floor and carpet cleaning services be disruptive to tenants or customers?

Our well-trained, uniformed floor and carpet cleaning technicians provide non-intrusive service. In the event our technicians do perform duties while tenants or customers are present they do so professionally, and are hired and trained to respect you and your facility’s employees, customers, and visitors.

Can I schedule a specific time of day for facility cleanings?

Yes. Our floor and carpet cleaning technicians work on a schedule that accommodates the needs of your facility and its people. We work with you to find the right time and frequency, adjusting to your calendar and the needs of the employees, customers, or tenants you support.

Can I schedule a specific time of day for facility cleanings?

How often do you recommend floor or carpet cleaning to protect my investment?

The frequency of services depends on the level of traffic through your facility. High-use areas like entryways require more frequent care, especially during inclement weather. Call us today to discuss your specific needs and we can customize an appropriate maintenance schedule.