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If you aren’t quite sure when the last time was that your carpets got a professional cleaning, chances are it is past the time. Your home is ready for you to have a professional carpet cleaning from a team of experts in Charlotte, NC.

Even with you doing your best to keep the carpets clean week over week, there are elements that can be hard for you to remove on your own. Getting the dirt, germs and other pollutants out of your home is important and shouldn’t be neglected. Not only will it leave the home cleaner, it will help keep you safer from possible illnesses and even improve your mental health.

Does Your Home Need Carpet Cleaning?

Even if you try your hardest to keep your carpet clean by cleaning up any obvious spills and vacuuming regularly, it will naturally accumulate a certain amount of dirt as years go by. Microscopic particles, bacteria, and germs are hard to see with the naked eye, but they exist in every rug or carpet surface. Spills go deep beyond the surface and into the layer of padding that exists under every carpet, where they can remain trapped until a professional machine is used to bring them up.

With foot traffic from residents and visitors, pets coming in and out, spills and accidents happening regularly, the carpet will gather a certain amount of contaminants. These items will get ground down into the bottom of the carpeting, and liquid spills or accidents can get into the carpet pad. Without professional carpet cleaning, these items linger, making the carpet look dirtier and smell older than it actually is.

we use advanced, professional-grade carpet cleaning machinery to provide the best cleaning for your carpet

Even the cleanest, best kept homes need professional help to stay pristine as time goes by. Homeowners are typically using over-the-counter cleaners and low-powered vacuums which are not designed to deep clean the carpet surface or remove the dirt trapped in there for the long term. While they can be used for maintenance and cleanup of small spills, professional-grade tools should be used at least once a year to supplement the regular cleaning you do and get rid of any trapped contaminants. Over the course of many years, with a family living in a home, there can be pollutants trapped closer to the bottom of the carpeting, even if the top layer of the carpet doesn’t show it clearly. These pollutants can contribute to making the surface dirty or give the overall carpet a discolored look.

Some of the things we extract when we come in for cleaning include

  • Dirt
  • Germs
  • Sand
  • Mold Spores
  • Pollen
  • Dust and Dust Mites
  • Bacteria
  • Food Crumbs
  • Pet Dander and Waste

Why Choose Us for Carpet Cleaning Services in Charlotte?

At Stat Floor Cleaning, we use advanced, professional-grade carpet cleaning machinery to provide the best cleaning for your carpet and other floor surfaces in your home. This equipment reaches deep under the top surface of your carpets to stir up any dirt or other pollutants that may have been stuck in place for a long time and then uses suction to make sure it’s all taken away from the surface and trapped within the cleaning tank.

Combined with eco-friendly chemicals and an expert team of operators, we leave the carpeted areas clean, germ free, and sanitized. If you’re just moving into a new home, we can remove any trace of the old owners, extract any dirt or smells from the carpet, and give you a fresh clean slate to build your new life on. When our process is complete, not only will the surface be cleaner, it will look better and the colors will be brighter.

Our carpet cleaning team uses steam cleaning to sanitize the surface of the carpet and beyond, leaving the carpeting fresh and clean. Heating the water to 200 degrees, we sanitize the carpet fibers while extracting anything trapped in there. Regular professional steam cleaning extends the life of the carpeting by years, saving you money and making your life much simpler.

We can also clean any of the other surfaces in the home to eliminate the need for you to hire multiple cleaning teams and have more people than necessary coming into your home. Our one team can clean the whole home in just one visit, leaving your entire house spotless and sanitary.

Stat Floor Cleaning is family owned and operated, so we understand exactly how important it is to keep your home and family safe, clean, and protected from any potential threats. This includes stopping germs, dust, and mold from growing within the home, where the people you love spend most of their time. 

keep your carpet clean by cleaning up any obvious spills and vacuuming regularly

Our company was founded by a registered nurse, who saw the impact that a clean home can have on the overall health of the family. It’s our commitment to help make every home cleaner and safer for every resident through our whole home cleaning process.

Getting rid of these contaminants can have many positive effects on your family members, such as:

dust that gathers on flooring surfaces reduces the symptoms of allergies or respiratory ailments

Cleaning the dust that gathers on flooring surfaces reduces the symptoms of allergies or respiratory ailments like asthma by lowering the presence of dust in the environment.

By removing the spores before they are able to grow, there is no chance for the mold to grow larger and impact your health

Lowering the chances of getting sick due to mold exposure. By removing the spores before they are able to grow, there is no chance for the mold to grow larger and impact your health.

Babies will put anything and everything in their mouth

Making the floor surface safer for babies and toddlers. Babies will put anything and everything in their mouth; when you have crawlers in your home, keeping the floor pristine has to be a priority.

Studies have shown that a bright, clean environment is beneficial to your mental health

Keeping the home looking brighter and cleaner encourages a better mood and overall better health. Studies have shown that a bright, clean environment is beneficial to your mental health.

What to Expect When You Have Your Carpets Cleaned

While having your household’s carpets cleaned used to be a time consuming process that inconvenienced the home owner and took days to dry properly, newer methods are faster and leave the carpeting much cleaner overall than years ago. Using a high-pressure cleaning method and steaming hot water, we are able to extract much more from the surface (and the space underneath it) than a regular vacuum, or even the carpet cleaning machines you can rent at a home improvement store.

The suction we use is much more powerful than a standard household cleaning tool, so everything that may have been caught and buried deep within the carpet fibers can be brought up to the top and removed. When this in-depth cleaning process is complete, the carpet will be free of any stains or odors caused by these elements. With the dirt trapped and taken away, the color of the carpeting is able to come out and the entire room will look more vibrant, like it did when the carpet was first put down years before. This type of cleaning dries quickly so you can resume regular life as soon as possible.

How Often should i get my carpets Professionally cleaned

Professional carpet cleaning services can help to keep your carpets in excellent condition for many years and help prevent long-term damage that may require costly repairs or replacement. STAT Floor Cleaning uses specialized cleaning methods and treatments designed to target deep-set dirt, dust, and allergens that regular cleaning procedures cannot reach. With quarterly or monthly use of STAT Floor Cleaning, you will have carpets that look new for many years and free yourself from worrying about possible long-term damage.

STAT Floor cleaning is the best Around: Here’s why!

STAT Floor Cleaning is the gold standard when it comes to floor care. Our professional crew ensures superior results for any job. We put our clients first and offer customizable cleaning packages ranging from essential restoration to a deep clean. Our pricing is unbeatable for the level of quality you receive. Moreover, we have several field certifications and adhere strictly to EPA protocols. STAT provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is armed with the proven technology to reach even the most stubborn dirt and grime on all floors.


About Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is the second largest city in North Carolina. It’s a bustling metropolis that has something for everyone. Whether you want to spend your day shopping at one of the luxury malls or get outside, Charlotte has plenty of options for you! Check out these things to do when you’re in Charlotte and have a great time no matter what your interests are!Charlotte welcomes visitors of all ages and has many destinations that will appeal to all different people. There are major sports teams like the Carolina Panthers (NFL) or The Charlotte Hornets (NBA), as well as other sports, such as the NASCAR All-Star Race. But that’s not all, Charlotte is also home to the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, the Charlotte Ballet, the U.S. National Whitewater Center, and Carowinds Amusement Park.Population: 2,132,000 (2021)
Local Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Time
Area code: 704

Top Sights In Charlotte, NC

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

U.S. National Whitewater Center

Crime is something to keep in mind whenever you make a move. The city has crime, but it’s on the decline. Many residents feel safe, and are happy with how friendly and welcoming they find the city overall.

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When deciding the best time to visit Charlotte, consider this. Visitors can find less expensive rates and less crowded attractions from March through May and September through November.

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Charlotte is a sprawling city with a bustling business and financial district, but it also has a softly worn-in feel thanks to its university scene. This town comes alive during the summer when NASCAR season rolls in.

From The City of Charlotte

Charlotte offers residents a suburban-urban lifestyle that includes both homes and apartments. There are many available restaurants, coffee shops, bars, sports venues, lounges, parks and more for the entire family to enjoy. Residents in Charlotte enjoy public schools that are well above average.

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