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Stat Floor Cleaning thanks you for welcoming us into your space. As a family-owned and operated business, we bring a personal touch to home and business cleaning and sanitation. We’re proud of our focus on customer satisfaction and eco-friendly cleaning materials. Contact Stat Floor Cleaning if you’re seeking premiere-level service and personal attention.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction in pristine floors and counters

Stat Floor Cleaning thanks you for welcoming us into your space

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We are not a normal floor cleaner. With a desire to deliver quality cleaning and total client satisfaction, we take cleaning your home or business very seriously.

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Deep cleaning and restoring surfaces are just the start of our whole house cleaning!

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Our goal is to promote wellness and cleanliness for all our clients

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We are a family owned and operated business serving the Charlette area.

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We serve the greater Charlotte area to help homeowners, business owners, realtors, builders, property
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Hardwood needs special care during cleaning to prevent scratches. Our machines are designed to protect your floors throughout the cleaning process.

Tile and Grout

Your grout doesn’t have to be stained forever. Our tile and grout cleaning helps keep your indoor spaces safe and sanitized.

Natural Stone Counters

Natural counters have tiny pores where bacteria can thrive. We recommend sealing your counters after cleaning, to seal pores and help keep counters clean.


Steam cleaning rejuvenates your carpets, eliminating stains and unpleasant odors. We use steam heated to 200 degrees to add years onto your carpets.


Bring your upholstery back to its former beauty. Remove spots, kill dust mites, clean away human oils and more. Restore furniture to a like-new condition.

Area Rugs

Restore your area rugs to their previous beauty with steam cleaning. Our instruments reach deep into area rugs to kill germs and remove stains.

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Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural stone can be stained by impurities, like smoke, from the air. Natural stone also absorbs bacteria and viruses. Whether the natural stone is found on your countertops or your floors, it can become very dirty and unsanitary with time. Regular exposure to dirt and grime can lead to a variety of problems, including the spread of illnesses in your house.

During the cleaning process, our steam cleaning safely kills germs and removes dirt that can live in the pores of your stone. Once we’re done, this may be a good time to seal your stone. Once we’re done, this may be a good time to seal your any granite and marble countertops. Sealing your granite and marble can close up the pores in the stone, thus protecting your tiles and countertops for a time to come.

Taking care of such a large investment in your home will ensure that your natural stone continues to be a main asset in your home or commercial space. Together, we can create long-term care for your natural stone surfaces.

Whole House Floor Cleaning

Whole house floor cleaning is often desired during the move in or move out process. Cleaning the entire home’s floors can be essential to the buying and selling process as buyers like to see a well cared for and well maintained home. Cleaning the floors not only eliminates stains and undesirable odors but can also rid the surfaces of germs. Letting buyers know of a recent steam cleaning service will not only leave them feeling safe but can also help save money in multiple room floor replacement.

Letting buyers know that you’ve recently steam cleaned your floors could leave them with a greater sense of safety in purchasing your house. We clean carpet, tile, wood and more – everywhere in your house. We’ll clean the grout in between those tiles, clean the hardwood in the dining room, and of course we’ll clean your carpet as well.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Our commercial floor cleaning services can restore your business to a like-new state, eliminating dust mites and germs that could lead to poor indoor air quality and health issues among staff and clients. We offer services like floor waxing, commercial carpet cleaning and tile cleaning, from whole office buildings to retail businesses.

Your success as a business depends in part on the condition of your facilities, and the cleanliness of them. Clean floors project competence to clients and staff, thus contributing to business success. With help from Stat Floor Cleaning, you’ll be able to restore the state of your commercial building to one of beauty and functionality.

Call today for a consultation to discuss the best way to bring your commercial flooring to a like-new condition.

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